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End of Life Midwifery Care


As we are born, so shall we live.

As we live, so shall we die.

First impressions are just that--the first experience of the new world we are entering. It matters that a newborn baby's first impression of life on earth is one of feeling safe and secure.

It matters that we live our lives with abundant love for ourselves, our families and friends, and the earth.

Of course, one will never know for sure until reaching the end of life what is out there in the great beyond. After being with people at the end of life and seeing their reactions to being near death, we believe that the afterlife is magnificent! Perhaps it matters that we are consciously aware of our end of life.

What is end of life midwifery care? What is the role of an end of life midwife? Just like birth midwifery, a midwife observes and sees the need of the person dying along with their family as well. The biggest role is to ease any fear/anxiety through holistic modalities such as sound healing and music therapy, bodywork modalities, creating a nurturing and calming environment.

The role of the end of life midwife might also be to prepare and provide food for the family, create and hold space, and educate about the process of natural death.

We also provide:

  • Home funeral guidance

  • Advanced Care Planning

  • Compassionate Companion Volunteer Program 


The Compassionate Companion program is an affiliate of No One Dies Alone. Six trained volunteers are ready to be with a person at the end of life for up to four hours at a time. Contact Janice for more information. 


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